Isle of Wight Pearl is open for business!

The exciting, long awaited resurfacing project for the iconic coastal Military Road is due to start at the beginning of October and continue for the next 4 weeks.

Business along the stretch of the Military road from Chale to Brook are reaching out to spread the word that “we are still open for business!”

Isle of Wight Pearl, Grange Farm, The Dinosaur Farm amongst others including the Wight Mouse Inn in Chale would like to make all our customers aware that business is as normal, the diversion routes are well sign posted to the specific points.

Don’t let the road closure put you off supporting local business.

The beginning half of October is set to disrupt the road east of Brighstone. Access can be gained to all businesses like the Dinosaur Farm which is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays as well as the whole of October half term. Follow the diversion routes away from the coast road, inland via Brighstone from the west through to Shorwell and on to Chale or vice versa from the East.

At the end of the month including October half term, the disruption will affect Isle of Wight Pearl and Grange Farm. Follow diversions west from Brighstone, the diversion route will take you through Brighstone village to Brook and vice Versa. New Road Brighstone will be the access route back on to the coastal road and to businesses concerned.

Keep an eye on Isle of Wight Pearl Facebook and Google sight for all the latest updates including exclusive offers including a free pot of tea for 2 and other exclusive offers available on our Facebook page.

A special webpage which can be accessed via the home page of the Island Roads website will feature the latest news on the scheme.


Isle of Wight Pearl is open for business