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Pearls are the quintessential bridal gem. Whether Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian or Freshwater, each has its own unique beauty to help you celebrate your special day. There are pearls for every look and budget, pearls that say ‘I do’ and ‘thank you’ – and a million ways to wear them. No wonder pearls have always been
associated with wisdom.
discover a truly unforgettable location at
Isle of Wight Pearl

Isle of Wight Pearl is wonderful throughout the seasons. The land is blessed with truly stunning views across the English Channel, with magical sunsets, glorious sea views and starry nights.

The hire site is a large area measuring approximately 40 x 80 metres, that you can fill with marques, tables, food, and fun! 

For each event we can provide parking for approximately 30 cars during the day, with use of the entire Isle of Wight Pearl car park after 5.30pm.

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