Earth Day 2024: Isle of Wight Pearl and Sustainability

For over 35 years we’ve been passionate about bringing the best pearls in the world back to the Isle of Wight, and our beautiful showroom has breath-taking views over the English Channel which help to reinforce our strong connection to the ocean and land that surrounds us.

We work tirelessly to protect the environment in which our pearls are grown and make sure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible, here’s what we are doing…

Our Pearls

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our family business – our pearls are organic, carbon-neutral gems and our close relationship with our pearl farmers ensures we get the finest, real pearls from our suppliers.

For beautiful pearls to grow the water needs to be clean, PH Neutral, and pollution-free which is why we work closely with our pearl farmers to ensure the water, and the land around it, is looked after and free from contamination. What’s so fantastic is this looked-after, clean water has other benefits too; it helps new areas of biodiversity flourish and creates some truly incredible areas of natural beauty.

Did you know? Where dynamite and cyanide fishing are still common, pearl farmers will thankfully launch armed patrol boats to stop this toxic and dangerous tradition.

Our Packaging

We have taken great care over recent years to reduce our carbon footprint and a big part of this has been reducing our packaging and making it recyclable.  All our packaging is now made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper. Our boxes are thinner than they used to be which means less volume and energy is being used for production and shipping. 

All our pearls come in, as standard, a lovely plastic-free pouch which has recently been redesigned and is now made entirely from organic cotton. Our carrier bags are made from 100% recyclable paper and come with an organic cotton ribbon – you just need to remove the ribbon before you pop it into your recycling. The ribbon makes a lovely hair tie or bow for the top of a present!

Our Carbon Footprint

We are proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral company and work with our Natural Capital Partners to offset the carbon footprint of our pearls, jewellery, and packaging by helping fund green energy projects around the world. Read more about what we are supporting right now here.

Our Materials

The materials we use always go through stringent in-house quality control to ensure they will last and can be passed down from generation to generation. We have just made an exciting change to our best-selling Tassel bracelets which now have a colourful thread made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

On average, 300m of our colourful thread is made from just one recycled plastic bottle, making waste a great new source of material for us to use. It takes 3.5 meters to make a bracelet, so one recycled plastic bottle makes 87 bracelets!

You can find this eco thread in our Tassel, Hoop and Lisa Le Brocq bracelets.

Our Pre-Loved Scheme

You can now shop reconditioned Isle of Wight Pearl jewellery in-store and we’ll give you a voucher in return for the Isle of Wight Pearl jewellery you no longer wear so you can purchase something new and pass items onto someone else! A bargainous way to shop pre-loved pearls!

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